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Supply Chain Management

An "on-line" system covering "Supply Chain"

in detail so that it accomplish all your "needs"

and enables to record each and every "activity"

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Supply Chain Management

some of the main modules are:

  • Inventory management
    • Items/Store/Inventory/Stock Management
    • Goods Receiving
    • Goods Issuance
  • Procurement process management
  • Supplier Management
  • Items Maintenance
  • Users Management
  • Reports
Inventory Management System

Description of Service

    • Record keeping of multiple store locations
    • Definition of types of inventory items
    • Categorization of inventory items
    • Items codes and barcodes
    • Record keeping of items quantity
    • Receiving/issuance record
    • Min/Max of inventory items alerts
    • Traceability of items
    • History of items movement between different locations
    • Current status of inventory at different locations
    • Barcoding/tagging of inventory items
    • Return of inventory items
Procurement Process Management

Description of Service

    • Requisitions generation
    • Store Requisition
    • Purchase Requisition
    • Process of approval
    • Selection of vendors/suppliers
    • Request for Quotation
    • Bids analysis
    • Purchase committee
    • Purchase order generation
    • Goods receiving
    • Items Inspection
Suppliers Management

Description of Service

    • Suppliers / Vendors Registration
    • Suppliers / Vendors Evaluation and status management
Items Maintenance Management

Description of Service

    • Maintenance schedule management
    • Schedule based alerts
    • Record of preventive measurement
    • Record of corrective measurement
    • Costing for Plant Maintenance
User Management

Description of Service

    • A comprehensive module to create/edit/delete users
    • A quick interface to manage users with simple clicks
    • Password re-set, activating/inactivating a user is also possible from within this module
    • Log Management of users’ activities is also an optional feature of this module. Client may ask explicitly to avail this

Access Control & Rights Management

    • SCM will be equipped with Authentication and Authorization procedures
    • Each end user will be given access to only its concerned, limited, authorized area

Comprehensive predefined reports

    • To give top management an overview of the entire inventory at all the locations, their comparison and overall status
    • These reports give a deep insight into SCM
    • Both tabular and graphical reports will be provided as per feasibility


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